Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Instagram is no doubt one of the most followed celebrity profile since it has 123 million followers as of late 2019. Her fans are known as Swifties. She is extremely famous within the female audience from young to middle-aged group. Her fame started with her chart-topping singles that are so relatable by so many teenage girls her time. But she continues her following as she tags along with her young audience as she ages with grown-up songs as well.

Who is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Alison Swift was born in Reading, Pennsylvania on December 13, 1989. Her name came from the famous singer-songwriter James Taylor. Though her parents were into the financial market niche, Taylor had a different dream for herself. That is to become a well-known singer-songwriter one day – just like the man where she was named after.

What Does Taylor Swift Do?

Unlike other celebs who branch out into other niches to widen their scope of field and wealth, Taylor Swift only focused wherever the limelight is shining. Aside from being a singer-songwriter, she’s also a record producer, a music video director, and an actress. All of this is evident in every Taylor Swift Instagram Story.

Since it’s very clear to her parents that she doesn’t want to follow the financial markets niche, they supported Taylor all the way to achieving her dream of becoming an American Pop Star! They’ve let Taylor start to write songs from an early age and work with the best songwriters Nashville has to offer. This is where she got a chance to work with the amazing Liz Rose who polished Taylor’s songwriting skills so much.

Her extensive songwriting training with Liz Rose paid off when she signed a Dream Works Records executive who is looking for an awesome to sign in his independent record label Big Machine Records. She began to freely write songs about her life and experiences that are so relatable to young girls those days. The albums that she released with Big Machine Records stayed 157 weeks in the Billboard USA’s Top 200 albums – that’s 3 yrs!

Taylor Swift has also appeared on different TV shows. She made an extremely different and unexpected acting debut in CSI’s (Crime Scene Investigation) 2009 episode where she played as a rebellious teen. Her acting was so good that she was also invited to host the “Saturday Night Live Show” later that year. She also has a documentary on Netflix that talks about her life on stage and as a woman.

The Grammy winner has also been in the news because of her rivalry with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Every news related to the incident is everywhere on social media. You can even read tweets about it. Recently, her phone call with Kanye was also leaked that went in her favor. It is also rumored that she is feeding with Ariana Grande. This, however, does not mean that Taylor Swift doesn’t get along with people, she is a close friend of Selena Gomez. She also has a pet cat called Olivia.

What Makes Taylor Swift’s Instagram Worth Following?

Taylor Swift Story is an amazing representation of how a basic American girl can reach her dreams with enough determination to do it, will power to train and do things their way – and the world will follow. Her Instagram account is full of selfies and information about her new music and new albums. You can also find Taylor on Tumblr.

Overall notes

Even though Taylor Swift’s Instagram commenting is turned off, it didn’t stop her fans from admiring her via Instagram. To prove, she has 123 million followers. The decision of turning off her Instagram profile is a wise decision for her as she considers it because it further boosted her confidence to do all the great things without thinking of other people’s comments.


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