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58.3 million #BardiGang is following Cardi B on Instagram as of the last quarter of 2019. Now the question is… Is she worth following for you? Read along because you might become a #BardiGang convert after. Achievements, achievements, achievements… That’s all you can expect from Cardi B; the reason why Time Magazine included her in their 2018 list of most influential people in the world. To mention, Cardi B also has two Guinness World Records.

Who is Cardi B?

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar was born in 1992 in Manhattan, NYC but was raised in the Bronx. She has no heavy connections in the show business industry but managed to get into successfully. Cardi B is a Vine and Instagram baby when her videos started taking off with these 2 platforms. That’s when the media started to bat an eye on her which got her into the casting of Love & Hip Hop: New York. She is quite famous for her “y’all”. Cardi B also openly talks against Donald Trump and his policies. Cardi B is also known for her unique fashion sense and face masks that she often pairs with her outfits. She also stays in news because of her feuds with other celebs including Nicky Minaj and Kylie Jenner.

She may have her differences but Cardi B also doesn’t stay quiet when it comes to helping others. She has started a GoFundMe account for a Tiger King star.

Publications like Billboard and Hollywood Report call her hip hop’s reigning queen. She sure does feature on every playlist of her fans.

What Does Cardi B Do?

As a Female American Rapper – Cardi B is doing an awesome job as a female rapper. She doesn’t just rap nonsense, she raps with a full expression of what she thinks regardless if people are going to judge her or not. Her first release mixtapes were the Gangsta B Music vol. 1 and 2. Her rapping talent got her a record to top the billboard as a solo female performer.

Cardi B as a Songwriter – Talent is talent, no matter how you drown it, talent floats. This is very evident with Cardi B’s songwriting talent. Her pieces are breaking out triple-platinum records as certified by the RIAA. Which also gained her a Grammy award for the Best Rap Album.

Actress and Television Personality – Cardi B is known as the breakthrough star of the reality TV show Love & Hip Hop NY. Her entrance in season six of the show got her so much attention and season seven rose her to stardom. Sadly for Cardi fans on TV, she bid goodbye after two seasons of the Love & Hip Hop NY reality show. But this goodbye last 2016 made Cardi and the BardiGang happier than ever because Cardi can now focus on the love of her life – MUSIC!

Cardi B’s music debut were collaborations with Jamaican singers Shaggy and Popcaan which both happened the same year – 2015. And released her own full-length Gangsta B Music Vol.1 in November 2016. Since then, her music became viral to her target audience the BardiGangs! This is also the time when her Instagram followers started to blow-up. She has also collaborated with artists like Lil Nax X to create famous songs such as Rodeo. One of her most famous songs is Bodak Yellow. You can find her music online including iTunes.

If you had been following Cardi B on social media, you could see her latest rant on Coronavirus COVID 19 pandemic turned into a remix by DJ Imarkkeyz. The music video went viral.

What makes Cardi B’s Instagram Worth Following?

Rapper Cardi B Instagram story, Instagram Live, and tweets aren’t the most conventional perfect celebrity Instagram story you’re going to see. If you want to discover celebrities who are so real, speak their minds out oftentimes less careful, you should be following Cardi B’s Instagram story. At first, you might get overwhelmed by her being so raw in her posts but as you discover her more, you’ll see a celebrity who loves her family so much, her baby and her fans!

You’ll see overconfidence in her posts which is irritating to those who don’t like her but this overconfidence is very contagious to her fans especially the BardiGang. You’ll see occasional women empowerment posts like being strong, being real and being so confident that the world should treat you like a queen.

Overall notes

Fashion, Happiness, Love, Confidence with a dash of sexiness – all that you can expect from Cardi B’s Instagram. Drown yourself with how her fans love her, regardless of color. Raging fans who comes a point in their lives where they have decided to have massive Cardi B tattoos on their thighs, shoulders, backs, and arms only proves that she has a rock-solid following. Which she returns back with so much love to those who love her like giving lifetime free tickets.

Cardi B gives her fans a chance to see how she takes care of her family especially Kulture her baby. It’s also a platform for Cardi B to showcase her unique fashion statement. From the classy school girl look to an up class, Madonna feels. She’s limitless, she’s just outrageously confi


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Rated as the Best Instagram Marketing Agency, we help the world’s top entrepreneurs & personal brands build their fan base, and monetize their followers