Dr. Umar Johnson

Dr. Umar Johnson Instagram has a strong following from the black community as this is what he is fighting for – the rights of the black community especially the Africans in a white supremacy world. Dr. Umar is actually a known black psychologist who is so good at talking to people. He’s gifted with so much talking and people skills that he most of his following from the people who have attended his sold-out talks about the black community rights. 

Who is Umar Johnson?

Umar Johnson was born on August 21, 1974, by his parents Jamal Abdullah-Johnson and Bernice Elizabeth Dickins Abdullah-Johnson in North Central, Philadelphia. He’s an American with African blood from his father. He grew up in a big family as he has ten siblings. 

He was sent to school to take Osteopathic Medicine at Philadelphia College but later pursued a Masters in Clinical Psychology. Umar Johnson further pushed his studies because he is so into clinical psychology. At the same school, he pursued his Doctoral Degree in Clinical Psychology. 

This qualified him to teach and talk about the education and mental health of Afrikan-American children. He also offers his services to families for payment of below 100 US dollars. He would asses the family situation and talk to kids to evaluate their mental health and detect if anything unusual is happening within their school and community that may affect their mental health.  

With his efforts in fixing the wrongs in what he called a white supremacy education, Dr. Umar Johnson has been named as the Prince of Pan-Africanism.

What Does Umar Johnson Do?

Dr. Umar Johnson Instagram Story shows that he’s sincerely passionate about his Clinical Psychology practice that it almost fills up 100% if his Instagram. 

According to Umar Johnson’s Instagram, he’s an author, a certified school psychologist, a doctor of clinical psychology, a certifies school psychologist, a Pan-Africanist, a principal of FDMG, and a NIBPA Prez.

As an author, he wrote the famous book Psycho-Academic Holocaust: The Special Education & ADHD Wars Against Black Boys by Dr. Umar Johnson published on 2013-08-02. 

As the prince of Pan-Africanism, he makes turns to communities, scheduling talks with a very specific audience – the black parents. He hosts a regular black parent teleconference on a weekly basis – Tuesdays 6-8 AM EST. This is his way of spreading awareness of social abuse to black children and encouraging more advocates in protecting black children’s rights. 

Dr. Umar Johnson Story is also famous for his annual speaking tour to the African continent including 2 countries as stopovers. This is the “Unapologetically Afrikan Tour.” He’s doing this tour to empower his African roots and community. He wants to re-establish their connection with their ancestral homeland and reinvent their psycho-spiritual connection to it. The “Unapologetically Afrikan Tour” happens every last week of July and the first week of August. 

What Makes Umar Johnson’s Instagram Worth Following?

No matter what race and color you are, as long as you’re interested in the black community and their rights, you should be following Dr. Umar Johnson Instagram. You won’t miss a beat of every important and notable change, improvements, challenges, and issues about the black community and their children.  

Dr. Umar Johnson is always worthy of a solid following on Instagram as this will further give him a wider platform in speaking for the black community, their rights, and their children. Instagram has become a recruiting filed for Dr. Umar to gather more advocates and protectors of the black children as they co-exist in the white supremacy education system. 

Overall notes

Dr. Umar Johnson Instagram is a display of so much dedication to fighting for what is right and for equality in rights and treatment. If you look beyond the color of what he is fighting for, this is actually applicable to almost any race who suffers degradation in a society where there’s always a supreme race or ethnicity. 

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