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Tom Brady Instagram is 6.8 million followers by the end if 2019. This is a pretty quite amazing number for an NFL player. However, Tom Brady isn’t a normal sports guy after all. He is known as the greatest quarterback of all time. Let’s get to know more Tom Brady story.

Who is Tom Brady?

Tom Brady real name is Tom Brady. He doesn’t carry any screenname because he isn’t a Hollywood celebrity. Tom Brady’s birthday is August 3, 1977, and he was born in San Mateo, California. He is married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen and has homes outside Boston and Los Angeles.

It’s undeniable that the 42-year-old is a handsome sportsman playing an extremely manly sport, that’s why even though he’s married girls can’t stop idolizing him beyond his football skills. He got his looks from a wide range of descendants. His father is an Irish descent, and his mother comes with a German, Polish, Norwegian, and Swedish ancestry. He also came from a refugee family of the Great Famine as traced from his ancestors.

During the 80’s Tom heavily idolizes the quarterback Joe Montana. He is Tom’s greatest inspiration that’s why he’s doing what he’s doing right now. Even though he’s been playing three sports during his high school days – football, basketball, and baseball.

During his college is where his love for football took off and many eyeballs are starting to notice Tom Brady’s exemplary football passion and skills. He played as the back-up quarterback for the first 2 years for the University of Michigan.

But things aren’t so easy for Brady before he got the attention. Imagine he’s 7th on the depth chart and had some serious struggle to get himself playing time. There’s a point where he got a sports psychologist because he wants to give up, transfer to California because of anxiety and depression. But when Brady got to start every game for a full-year he started making records for the Wolverines and that started it all.

What Does Tom Brady Do?

Tom Brady Instagram Story tells almost all you need to know about him. He’s a pretty transparent guy because he knows that he has nothing to hide. From intimate family vacation moments to moments with his wife, their achievements and of course his love for football.

Professionally, Tom Brady is a professional football player and a product endorser. But aside from that, he’s a loving husband and father.

Tom Brady’s professional football career started when the New England Patriots took a chance on him as he was exiting college quarterback that was lightly regarded. It turns out that he’s abilities are only waiting for the perfect coach to home it perfectly – to be America’s greatest quarterback of all time. He holds the first position for all-time in NFL appearances and playoff wins. You can find more about him on ESPN including Brady and Peyton Manning’s rivalry.

Since the New England Patriots adopted Tom Brady and Head Coach Bill Belichick took care of honing his skills, Tom Brady didn’t leave the Patriots for 19 seasons. He was picked in the 6th round of the NFL draft. He also created a record of a quarterback playing for one franchise only. Brady has won 6 Superbowl titles and this is the first time a player has become a six-time Superbowl champion. To the dismay of Patriots fans, he left Patriots last year and started his new football journey. He received $23 million for a single season before voiding the offseason.

In 2020 Tom Brady signed a two-year contract which enabled Brady to become a free agent for the first time ever. However, teammate and wide receiver Julian Edelman didn’t want Brady to go in free agency. Whereas former Patriot player, Rob Gronkowski believed Brady should explore the free agency. There were rumors of him joining Titan but they signed Ryan Tannehill instead. But now Brady has finally signed up with Tampa Pay officially. He announced the deal on Friday morning of 20th March 2020 on his Instagram. He is now a quarterback with Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he plays with one of the best wide receivers on the circuit. He will team up with coach Bruce Arians.

Brady received his number 12 Jersey from Chris Godwin for free.

What Makes Tom Brady Instagram Worth Following?

Tom Brady Story on Instagram is pretty quite inspiring and in all viewpoints, sports, family, loyalty to his team and the way he carries himself, he can surely inspire anyone in some points. That’s why Tom Brady’s Instagram and social media accounts are really worth following in all aspects.

Overall notes

Tom Brady’s Instagram Story is so full of everything that he’s doing with his life. In his Instagram stories, he’s known to be a nice loving family fan, teammate and friend. That’s why support for him is pouring from all aspects also, love, emotional, monetary and even prayers for wellness from his fans.

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