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Justin Bieber Instagram is 124 million followers strong as 2020 starts. This is something that’s expected from one of the most famous Canadian actor, singer, and songwriter. Just like other famous singers including Ariana Grande, Joe Diffie, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Billie Eilish, and Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber also has a huge network of fans. That is why it so easy for him to gain millions of likes for every post that he makes. Whether it is personal, product promotion, music single promotion, and some random stuff, Bieber always makes it to the Million cut on Insta.

Who is Justin Bieber?

Justin Bieber’s real name is Justin Drew Bieber. There is no significant difference with his real name and screen name as an artist because he’s a YouTube star discovery. He was born in London, Ontario, Canda on March 1, 1994. He is the only child of the unmarried couple Jeremy Bieber and Patricia Mallette.

His mother was underage when she gave birth to Justin therefore it was his grandfather and grandmother from his mother’s side who took good care of him. Patricia has to take low-pay office jobs back then in order to raise Justin as she’s a single mom raising a future pop star. Though separated Justin never lost contact with his father which is a good thing.

Justine Bieber has got a wide scope of ancestry. He has Irish, Scottish, English, German and Frend-Canadian ancestry.

It is unknown to most of his fans and to the public but Justine Bieber isn’t just a plain singer and songwriter. He knows how to play several instruments like the trumpet, drums, and piano.

What Does Justin Bieber Do?

Justin Bieber Instagram Story is a spectacular feed of how a famous star handles his life from getting too personal to shifting back into the business side of things real quick.

Professionally, Justin Bieber focuses on four things only, he loves being an actor, a singer, a songwriter, and an effective product endorser.

Justin Bieber is a YouTube discovery to stardom. Patricia, Justin’s mother is so fond of posting her son’s performance in school singing competitions and random house vids on social media.

When the YouTube channel that his mother has set up for him grew a decent following Justin caught the attention of the talent agent Scooter Braun and instantly booked an impromptu audition for Justin with Usher Raymond who helped Justin sign a recording contract. Today, he is a Grammy winner singer.

As a singer-songwriter, Justin Bieber is the World’s best-selling artist for music – according to IMBD. He is the first-ever music artist who got his seven music singles top the Billboard 100 consecutively. That kind of consistency is something that’s hard to achieve especially for new music artists.

As a product endorser Justin Bieber actively promotes Proactiv, Nicole by OPI, Adidas, Calvin Klein, MYO-X, Beats By Dre, Best Buy, and Elizabeth Harden.

What Makes Justin Bieber Instagram Worth Following?

Now you wonder if what makes Justine Bieber Instagram posts worth following. If you’re not one of the Bieber target markets you’re not going to fully understand what makes Justin Bieber Instagram so famous.

His target market is young girls, teens, and young adults who fall for Justin’s songs of love and courtship. Therefore he is all worthy of a solid following if you’re heavy into pop music and modern love songs. His Instagram live and tweets are also very interesting. He also has a Tiktok account.

Overall notes

Justin Bieber Story is an inspiration to teens who idolize him. It’s an extremely inspiring story that no matter how unstable the childhood family experience, there’s always a bright future ahead if persued.

Justin Bieber Instagram is just the right mix of his personal life, showbiz life, product endorsements, and giving what his fans want. There’s no over promotion and irrelevancy. It’s all about him and what he does and his new albums.

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