Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham Instagram is a fountain of inspiration for her 9.7 million followers. Ashley’s confidence towards her body is extremely contagious thus giving her the power to influence people in a positive way.

Since she was discovered to be a plus-size model, until to date, her body confidence just got stronger over time.

Who is Ashley Graham?

Model Ashley Graham’s birthday is October 30, 1987. She has 2 younger sisters and she grew with dyslexia and ADD. She is now a new mom of a baby boy named Isaac Menelik Giovanni Ervin with husband Justin Ervin. The couple had their first child at the start of 2020.

In her early childhood days, she’s a normal girl without media exposure and showbiz connections. But her life suddenly changed when an agency scout for a model spotted her in Oak View Mall Omaha, Nebraska.

What Does Ashley Graham Do?

Ashley Graham Instagram Story speaks for itself if whatever she’s doing with her career and personal life. She likes to post surprises like when she announced her pregnancy on Instagram with what seemed a very simple video selfie with her husband.

Professionally, Ashley Graham is a plus-size model, a show presenter, and an advocate. She regularly posts inspirational videos on social media.

As a plus-size supermodel, Ashley Graham was discovered in a shopping mall by the I & I modeling agency. Her confidence if how she carries her body confidently amazed the talent scout of the said agency. Right then and there, the I & I modeling agency signed Ashley Graham to be one of their top-notch plus-size models.

Her modeling experience with the I & I modeling agency exposed her to the potential of being a plus-size model which she enjoys. So she ventured into signing with bigger modeling names like Wilhelmina Models in 2001, and Ford Models in 2003.

As a television show presenter, Ashley Graham as the backstage host of Miss Universe 2018 made rounds all over the news worldwide, especially on showbiz news. She’s the first plus-size host of the Miss Universe pageant. Miss universe fans are so happy with her inclusion because it’s like Miss Universe is now advocating acceptance of any size for women.

As an advocate, she fights for Body Positivity and Health at Every Size movements. Like many celebs, she is using her beauty to advocate for the acceptance of any body size into the mainstream media and magazines.

What Makes Ashley Graham Instagram Worth Following?

Ashley Graham’s Instagram is well-loved by women of any size, skinny, sexy, toned, muscular or fat because she’s so real on Instagram that she isn’t ashamed of showing off her photos with her cellulite exposed. She regularly posts her selfies wearing swimsuits and bikinis. She even posted her post-baby photo earning disposable underwear. Her photos with son Isaac are also frequently trending on social media. The new mother’s photo where she is breastfeeding her son in Uber also went viral. She frequently uses her Instagram to talk about the messy parts of postpartum as she tells her audience that it’s not all rainbows.

All women understand that for once everyone is going to gain weight sometime in their life and  Ashley Graham is making them feel good about it. She has her own ways of making her audience and followers feel comfortable about their bodies.

Ashley Graham Instagram Story is extremely inspirational for women who need emotional reinforcement when it comes to being confident with their current size. She updates new stories on Instagram quite regularly.

Overall notes

Ashley Graham Story is a fountain of inspiration for all women regardless of their size, from being extra skinny to being a plus-size woman. She’s an intelligent woman who uses her influence in a way to lift other woman’s feelings.

The Ashley Graham Story also neutralizes the format that you have to struggle a lot and inject so much drama in your childhood days to be successful in the future. Her success came from just being so confident and happy with her body.

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