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50 Cent Instagram is a must follow if you’re heavy into the rap music scene. As of the last quarter of 2019, 50 Cent has 25 million followers already. He’s extremely famous for his single In Da Club because of its extremely catchy beat and lyrics. In his Instagram profile, he poses himself as one of the rap music royalty. Though this is a norm for black rappers, 50 Cent took it at a different level by posing himself in the wings of a plane, and some other extremely “the rich can only do things.”

Who is 50 Cent?

50 Cent real name is Curtis James Jackson. He was born on July 6, 1975, in the borough of Queens, New York City – where his neighborhood is almost all south Jamaicans. He was raised by his grandmother when his mother died due to some mysterious fire when he was only 8 years old.

His strong personality came from his boxing experience which also happens to be just in his neighborhood. In an interview, he said that rappers train themselves as boxers to they feel that they are the champ of their own lives.

Despite his success in the rap scene, 50 Cent has some dark background. His mother is a drug dealer, and his father left him to depart nowhere. he also has to resort himself into drug dealing during his high school stages to survive life. Imagine a 12-year old boy bringing narcotics, guns and drug money to school. That’s what 50 Cent has done in the past. Which he casually tells the media about it. He’s not proud of it, he wants an example that a shattered young life can change if there is a chance.

50 Cent has also had a few issues with other celebs including Naturi Naughton, Vivica A. Fox, and Marquise Jackson. We also heard about him snitching on his friend Jimmy Henchman, however, his reps said these were false reports. He even called Diddy a sucker.

Even though he has his differences but 50 Cent also gets along with many of his peers including Tekashi 6ix9ine, Will Smith, Jada Smith, and Melissa McCarthy.

What Does 50 Cent Do?

The rap mogul, is doing a lot of things nowadays. Aside from being a known singer-rapper, he is a songwriter, an actor, entrepreneur, investor, and television producer. One of his products is the series For Life. He has also been making headlines for a case involving Tekashi and Jim Jones.

As a rapper and hip hop artist, he started in a friend’s basement. Until he was introduced to Jam Master Jay who is currently working out to establish Jam Master Jay Records. It was Jay who taught him how to count bars for a good rhythm, how to properly write choruses that are catchy and structure a good saleable song. During this stage, he hones his songwriting skills like it’s his only resort to survive. And his hard work paid off successfully.

His training with Jay caused him to write pro rap hooks that wanted the platinum-selling Columbia to sign him a contract. Which “fast forward” later got him to meet Eminem because Eminem was so impressed with his song “Guess Who’s Back.” This historic meetup in rap music history leads 50 Cent to sign a Million Dollar record deal with Dr. Dre. Due to his success and talent, many hip hop artists and rappers including the bigger names like Drake are also inspired by 50 Cent.

What Makes 50 Cent’s Instagram Worth Following?

If you need to inspire yourself that humble beginnings can lead to massive success in the future, 50 Cent Instagram Story is something that you shouldn’t miss. It’s an extremely inspiring story of an outlaw boy who got lost along the way buy got back with the help of friends and meeting the right and good people along the way.

50 Cent’s own IG page and tweets are a reminder that success is always waiting to be rewarded for those who work hard for it. He shares different types of posts including selfies and the latest news. He even commented on Trump for the way he is handling the Coronavirus COVID 19 situation.

Overall notes

50 Cent’s Instagram account and other social media are like what one of his songs says,  “Guess Who’s Back.” From a simply troubled neighborhood to riches.

His Instagram is overflowing of celebrations of success photos as this is how he wants to market himself, a successful man and a champion of his life. His display of success strengthened more to support the launching and ongoing success of his $1,000 champagne brand For Winners Only with a gold plated cross in every bottle.

He’s using the branding style, Walk The Talk and it’s effective for him.

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