Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram is one of the most followed with 150 million followers as of the last quarter of 2019. Kylie is one of the Jenners that was featured by Time Magazine as one of the most influential teens by the year 2014 and 2015. But the fame of the Jenners didn’t end by those years only. Their influence continued to flourish until to date. In fact, Kylie Jenner is one of the best and most coveted Instagram influencers today.

Who is Kylie Jenner?

Kylie Kristen Jenner was born in 1997 in L.A. California and is the youngest daughter of Bruce (Caitlyn) and Kris Jenner. She belongs to an influential family as her father is a 1976 Olympian with a TV personality mother. She’s Kim Kardashian’s younger half-sister, Kanye West’s sister-in-law, and Kendall Jenner’s sister. She also has a daughter with Travis Scott. She was born in Los Angeles.

What Does Kylie Jenner Do?

Aside from being a socialite, Kylie became a media personality when she appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians in 2007. She took her influence to a higher level by trying to get into the fashion world. First, she collaborated with her sister Kendall to create the clothing line brand “Kendall & Kylie” last 2012 at a very young age of 14. Followed by her stand-alone cosmetics brand “Kylie Lip Kits” in 2015, which a year after was renamed to “Kylie Cosmetics.”

The reality star took advantage of her fame and heavily promoted her brands on Instagram and on her other social media accounts including Tiktok. Modeling for her product line is something that she enjoys the most. She’s also a perfectionist when it comes to her brand and would like to try everything to make sure her solid following only gets the best from her.

Kylie’s business ventures blossomed into a cult level following where her products easily sold out within minutes of availability to some countries.

Her solid Instagram following is a big factor in her most successful business – the “Kylie Cosmetics.” This led her to be the world’s youngest billionaire as of March 2019 at the age of 21, and that was according to Forbes Magazine.

What Makes Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Worth Following?

If you’re into modern fashion, socialite gossip, and you want to keep up with the latest in the cosmetics world you should be following Kylie Jenner’s Instagram stories. Especially if you’re into following the lives of the Kardashians, you wouldn’t like to miss the hints and whereabouts of the family and the girls.

You’ll also enjoy Stormi’s cute appearances lately as she steals the Instagram spotlight from her first-time mom from time to time. Drown yourself into awesome sexiness as the fashion mogul flaunts her body artistically in different bikini shots. You’ll be needing these sexy body shots as your reminder that you need to work out to come close to Kylie’s body. Kylie also shares her beauty routine and other secrets on her Instagram. She is also quite famous for her different hairstyles and hair colors. You can also see her Halloween pics where she dressed up as the superstar Beyonce.

Overall notes

Kylie Jenner gives her Instagram followers just the right peek to the glamorous life of a certified socialite, the youngest self-made billionaire, and a controversial media personality. Going from post to post dissecting the comments, it’s clear that a big part of her male gender following is after her sexy body pictures and not for the lifestyle and beauty products.

Fans and bashers co-exist in the comments like it’s a norm. But as you dig deeper into Kylie Jenner Story you’ll see an intelligent woman with a drive for business and making a name of her own, a fun-loving mom to her daughter Stormi and a strong independent woman. Her Instagram is a good source of all the celebrity news on the Kardashians.

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