Meek Mill

For a famous rapper, Meek Mill Instagram isn’t that good when comes to the number of follower-base. It’s because he isn’t that exposed to media controversies that’s why people aren’t that curious about his life – only his music. This is despite the fact that he’s an activist.

Who is Meek Mill?

Meek Mill real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams and he was born in South Philadelphia on May 6, 1987. His upbringing isn’t as good as where he is right now. Mill grew up fatherless because his father was murdered when he was 5 years old during an attempted robbery.

When he lost his father, their mother tagged them along to South Philadelphia where they lived in a 3 bedroom apartment. To support Meek and his older sister, their mother worked in a lot of jobs including hair cutting, and some shoplifting on the side to survive poverty.

Because of his unfortunate childhood days, Meek Mill lost confidence and grew as a shy boy. But hip-hop music saved him when he met the brothers of his father who are so engaged in hip-hop music. One of which is a disc jockey.

Meek Mill is expecting his first child with his girlfriend Milan Harris who announced her pregnancy at the Milano Di Rouge show.

What Does Meek Mill Do?

Meek Mill Instagram Story is pretty descriptive in what he does for a living and his black community.

Meek Mill is a rapper, songwriter and a known celebrity activist.

As a rapper, he started with three of his local friends to form a group names Bloodhoundz. This is the stage of his life where he knew that he wants to make it big on the rap scene. Meek would stay late at night writing phrases and verses that he would later use for rap battles. In rap battles, he would go by the pseudonym Meek Millz – with a “Z.” The rap battles didn’t gain him much exposure that it didn’t land him into a discovery of a record label.

It was when he broke up with his local group The Bloodhoundz and released his solo mixtape “Flamers 2: Hottest in the City” with singles “Prolli,” “I’m So Fly,” and “Hottest in the City” caught the attention of 215 Aphillyated Record’s President and Founder Charlie Mack. Charlie Mack signed him a contract right away. But his greatest releases was when he met T.I. in that same year who also offered him a contract. Meek has to choose between 3 contracts that year but finally decided to work with T.I. despite Warner Bros Records also offering him a contract.

As an activist, he fights for change in the criminal justice system laws and policies with probation and parole, to begin with. Meek Mill co-founded the Reform for Alliance Foundation with Jay-Z. He has also collaborated with other celebs including Drake and Lil Baby on many of his songs. He is also rumored to be working with Nipsey Hussle. Meek Mill has also kicked off All-Star NBA games with his performances. More recently, he has made headlines because of his rivalry with Tekashi 6ix9ine.

What Makes Meek Mill’s Instagram Worth Following?

Are you heavy on rap with sprinkles of a hip-hop vibe? You shouldn’t miss following Meek Mill Instagram  and other social media accounts- where there is just about everything that his fans need to know to about him. From his rap journey, successful career, family, and friends, this guy goes way beyond in sharing his life on Instagram.

Meek Mill Story on Instagram also features his activism moves on criminal justice reform, parole, and probation. So if you want to follow someone with great advocacies for reform Meek Mill Instagram isn’t going to fail you. He also at times shares interesting Tweets.


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