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Joe Rogan Instagram is 8.1 Million packed with awesome very interactive followers by the end of 2019. Joe Rogan has kept his followers so interactive with his Instagram posts because he’s giving them what they want – Epic Comedy.

Who is Joe Rogan?

Joe Rogan real name is Joseph James Rogan. He was born in Newark, New Jersey on August 11, 1967. He’s describing his ancestry by quarters. Joe Rogan is one-quarter Irish and 3-quarters Italian.

Like many successful showbiz personalities, he has his share of a dramatic and unfortunate childhood. But what’s different is he doesn’t hate it. Because according to Joe Rogan nothing bad happened to him personally, so there’s nothing to hate about his childhood and his father which he has lost contact since his 7 after his parents divorced.

Though nothing bad happened to him on his childhood days, it was challenging that they have to move to three places before they settled in Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts. This experience left him of a feeling of “being terrified as a loser” in his young mind until early adulthood. Which martial arts managed to dissolve as he gained so much confidence and discoveries of himself from the martial arts sport.

What Does Joe Rogan Do?

Joe Rogan Instagram Story and social media show that he’s a stand-up comedian, a mixed martial arts fanatic, a philanthropist, and a psychedelic adventurer. He is also a UFC commentator. He is friends with UFC’s new president Dana White.

As a stand-up comedian, the 52-year-old star is into a wide variety of genres such as the black comedy, cringe comedy, insult comedy, observational comedy, and satire. He does all of the above in a way that you’ll distinguish the Joe Rogan comedy experience. He is the podcast host of The Joe Rogan Experience (JRE) and you can subscribe to Rogan’s podcast to see his different styles of comedy.

His podcasts also feature other comedians including Bert Kreischer. Joe Rogan Podcast has also had a lot of people who are famous in their own industries including Elon Musk and Joey Diaz. The podcaster also has a YouTube channel. He also invites different people to be his fight companion so they can watch fights and comment on them. You can watch many of his videos on Netflix as well.

But when Joe Rogan’s Instagram tells the world that he’s just a mixed martial arts fanatic, it’s a downgrade from who he is. Joe Rogan is a color commentator of MMA. A color commentator is the one who fills in the gap when the live blow-by-blow commentator stops. Joe is capable of giving in expert analytical insights into the fight.

Joe Rogan is also the host of the worldwide hit show Fear Factor for 5 long years and his energy levels make him a great host. But you can’t find this on his Instagram because he has to set aside comedy which he loves the most for the show. You can check his tweets for updates.

What Makes Joe Rogan Instagram Worth Following?

Joe Rogan Instagram account is purely what he wants to be. Even though it took him a while to do what he desires – comedy, MMA and being a psychedelic adventurer.

Following Joe Rogan Story on Instagram is like introducing a good dose of fun in your Instagram feed. You’ll laugh your heart out whenever he posts comedy bits that could get you. He also recently shared his carnivore diet, which got a lot of attention. He also has been promoting tattoos by Noah bissi.


Overall notes

Joe Rogan Instagram is quite addictive to his followers who can follow his life, from MMA to comedy, etc. It’s because he posts realistic bites of life now and then. As his fans would claim, nowadays comedians now speak more reality than TV broadcasters.

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