Rihanna Instagram is real, raw and fun! She shares just about anything that her fans want to know about her. She posts just the right amount of her personal life, her political views and so much about her glamorous life as a celebrity.

Who is Rihanna?

Robyn Rihanna Fenty was born in Saint Michael, Barbados on February 20, 1988. She was raised by an ordinary family as her parents are not celebrities. Her mother is an accountant and her father is a warehouse supervisor.

Her unique beauty came from a wide mixture of descendants. She’s an Afro-Guyanese, Afro-Barbadian, and Irish descent.

She has a quite messy childhood day because her father falls into alcohol and crack cocaine addiction. But! her early childhood hardship honed her to be the best woman she is right now.

What Does Rihanna Do?

Rihanna is quite a multi-tasker as she’s been doing a lot of things. She’s a singer, songwriter, businesswoman, fashion designer, actress, philanthropist, and diplomat.

As a singer, she’s too good to be ignored. Imagine Rihanna getting a contract signing after her first New York audition. The plot is so unbelievable as Jay-Z who is the current CEO of and president of Def Jam have to make Rihanna wait in his office until 3 AM just to wait for their attorneys to finish the contract. They don’t want to release Rihanna out of their premises until she signs a contract with them. That contract started it all for Rihanna.

As an actress, she started in late 2006 as a cameo role player in “Bring it On: All or Nothing.” Followed by a theatrical feature film that was released early 2012 – Battleship. After her decent breaks into the acting world, offers came pouring in to play different significant roles in movies.

Now as a fashion designer and a businesswoman, she plays it by her rules. She got the prestigious brand LVMH to give her a sub-branding using her last name. This is LVMH’s first since 1987. Rihanna Instagram Story is proof that she enjoys designing for her brand so much. She loves showing off her creations in her Instagram profile and on Instagram Live.

Her philanthropy work is also amazing. She’s the celebrity global ambassador of Cartier Love Charity to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS and to combat it.

What Makes Rihanna’s Instagram Worth Following?

Rihanna Story of success is awe-inspiring and anyone who seeks the inspiration for success regardless of color and ethnicity should follow her. She’s a great representation that an unpleasant childhood is not an excuse not to gain so much success in life.

Aside from the inspirational factor, Rihanna Instagram, social media, and Tweets are a must-follow for everyone who is heavy on music and fashion. Especially now that she can unleash her hidden fashion designing talent under her brand Fendy.

She loves to use Instagram. The Grammy winner has also appeared on DJ Spade’s Instagram Live and had entertaining encounters with other celebs including Drake and Kevin Durant. The pop star cracked jokes and had a fun conversation.

Overall notes

Rihanna’s Instagram account shows just the right amount of her personal life. She’s showier on the career and business side of things. She loves teasing her fans with upcoming projects by posting photos and videos with undetailed captions.

Her Instagram is currently filled with her marketing posts her personal brand FENTY. This brand is so close to Rihanna’s heart because it’s like a freedom wall for her where she can express her artistic side without limits.

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