Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Instagram is probably one of the most followed female music artists. With over 100 Million Instagram followers by the last quarter of 2019, she enjoys her Instagram fame so much by posting awesome pics of her always. Though she’s known as a fierce female rapper, you’ll be surprised that her Instagram feed is filled with shades of Pink, Lavender, and Gold instead of going all out black and metal or earthy colors for a fiercer appeal. But, there’s more than to Nicki Minaj aside from her color choices.

Who is Nicki Minaj?

Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty was born in Trinidad and Tobago on December 8, 1982. Though you can’t find the Nicki in her real name, it’s to make her name very easy to remember and to Americanize her name since she’s penetrating the Hollywood music scene. She is married to Kenneth Petty.

What Does Nicki Minaj Do?

Nicki Minaj’s Instagram, Tiktok account and social media are filled with the things that keep her busy all day. She’s a Rapper Singer, Songwriter, Actress, and Model. Her new album Yikes has gotten all her fans excited.

But, all of this started as Nicki being a part of a quartet group The Hoodstars from Brooklyn. Her stay with the group is so brief because she really wants to go solo and make her own name in the music industry. Nicki Minaj left the Hoodstars to create a name of her own. She intelligently used the MySpace platform to upload her songs and she keeps sending her videos to the notable names in the music industry, especially in the Rap music scene.

Her efforts paid off when the CEO of the Brooklyn based label Dirty Money Entertainment signed her a 180 days only contract. The hip hop artist didn’t take it lightly. She worked herself out so well that within the 180 days she released 2 mixtapes – Playtime is Over and Sucka Free. After taking the risk of shame if her 180 days contract with Dirty Money Entertainment, braveness and so much willpower rewarded her with a Female Artist of the Year from Underground Music Awards. Since then her music career took off with so many prestigious awards coming her way.

Like other music artists who really started from scratch, Nicki Minaj also has music idols and influencers. Two of her most looked-up influences were Jay-Z and Foxy Brown.

What Makes Nicki Minaj’s Instagram Worth Following?

Nicki Minaj Story on Instagram is a representation of success over hard work and determination. As she worked herself up with all her might. Conquering shyness to send and present her music to big names just to penetrate the female rap music scene.

If you need the inspiration to keep yourself fit and sexy, you might also want to follow Nicki Minaj Instagram because she will fill your feed with her amazingly sexy but far from nudity photos.

Overall notes

Although Nicki Minaj is known as a fierce female rapper, her femininity stands out on her Instagram profile as she fills it with very feminine colors. If you’re new to Nicki Minaj Instagram Story, you’ll wonder if you’ve visited the correct profile or just some fan-made profile.

Nicki Minaj enjoys showing off her amazing body curves on Instagram as this is where she gets the most attention also. She’s also a known Instagram celebrity who posts her out-of-this-world fashion taste. To the level of what others refer to as not normal.

Nicki’s Instagram isn’t for the sensitive people when it comes to nudity as she posts suggestive photos that are quite disturbing for a normal person’s point of view. Displaying her assets from behind is a common thing for Nicki Minaj, up to a point where she posted an animated video of her behind asset in a purple water bath without any undergarment on.

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