Stella Maxwell

With millions of Instagram followers, Stella Maxwell Instagram is one of the most followed Victoria’s Secret ramp models. Stella is known to be one of the most coveted Instagram influencers with her vast experience in the modeling industry plus the posh solid following that she has.

As the majority would expect that Stella’s Instagram followers would be most likely men, the fact is most of them are females. Females who love her passion for fashion, open relationship with girls, and women that she’s continuously inspiring to be healthy and beautiful all the time.

Who is Stella Maxwell?

Stella Maynes Maxwell was born on May 15, 1990, in Brussels, Belgium. She has Northern Irish parents. Her father Maurice Maxwell is a former diplomat. Stella was raised in Belgium and moved to Australia before she went to Queen Margaret College where she was eyed to become a potential model.

Because Stella’s younger life stage is more on transferring from one country to another she learned a lot of languages but her fluency with French and English is top-notch.

Model Stella Maxwell is a known lesbian who is extremely proud and comfortable with her chosen gender. Her dating stage with the Twilight star Kristen Stewart is not hidden to the public. Which before actress Kristen Stewart, Stella Maxwell was also dating Miley Cyrus back in 2015. Maxwell was also rumored to be involved with Barbara Palvin. She is also good friends with supermodel Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid’s sister.

What Does Stella Maxwell Do?

After Stella Maxwell was discovered by a modeling agency in Dunedin, New Zealand her modeling career started to flourish. It’s because of her professionalism towards her work and given that she really aspires to become a famous model in the future. She is walked in many major fashion shows and worn designs by famous designers including Jeremy Scott. She has also done photoshoots for major fashion magazines including Elle.

Because of her good working attitude recommendations within the modeling industry came pouring in and she finally got the attention of the finest brand to model – Victoria’s Secret. Her first walk on Victoria’s Secret stage was in the year 2014. With her looks, grace and born talent with modeling, she got tons of requests to stay and finally became a Victoria’s Secret Angel in 2015. As a Victoria’s Secret Model, she also walked in many Victoria’s Secret Fashion Shows showcasing the brand’s lingerie. Since then Stella Maxwell stayed with Victoria’s Secret.

She’s also the famous face of the brand Max Factor. Maybe because of her last name Maxwell or she just deserves to be the face of such a prestigious brand.

Stella works for both the Elite Model Management in Paris and The Lions in New York and Los Angeles.

What Makes Stella Maxwell’s Instagram Worth Following?

Following Stella Maxwell Instagram Story and social media accounts are going to be enjoyable if you’re into the fashion industry, modeling scene or just want to be updated if who she dates next.

Stella Maxwell Story is filled with her glamorous photos of the event that she attends. Prestigious events like the Met Gala, modeling stints, product endorsements and her walks for Victoria’s Secret shows. Her photos in a Moschino gown and of her Milan Fashion Week outfit also became quite famous on Instagram.

For aspiring models, Stella Maxwell’s Instagram is a must to be followed. It’s an endless resource of inspiration when it comes to mixing and matching OOTD’s and sexy modeling poses to follow.

Overall notes

Following Stella Maxwell on Instagram is like watching the modeling runway with full if prestige brands. From Victoria’s Secret to Versace, there’s nothing you can ever ask for.

If you love runway fashion and modeling, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be following Stella Maxwell. An endless amount of clothing inspirations and elegant modeling poses is there to inspire you all the time.

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