Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Instagram is definitely one of the rawest Instagram profile for a celebrity. Where she posts her photos as a young baby raw photos of her having fun with friends. This is because Selena Gomez is a known celebrity who strongly promotes feminism. As being real, raw and true to oneself is so natural to her. Selena Gomez is also a known advocate for women empowerment. She fights for true equality like women shouldn’t be told what to do with their bodies.

Who is Selena Gomez?

Selena Marie Gomez was born on July 22, 1992, in Grand Prairie, Texas. She was born from a Mexican blood father Ricardo Joel Gomez and an American blood mother Amanda Dawn. Her mother is a former stage actress. So Selene Gomez becoming a celebrity is the ultimate happiness for her mother.

What Does Selena Gomez Do?

This young woman is a very busy celebrity. Selena Gomez is a Singer, Songwriter, Actress, and Television Producer.

At a very young age, she started working for the TV show Hannah Montana, where she played Mikayla. Due to her very good acting skills as Mikayla, she was offered to play 2 more Disney Princess roles on film while she’s portraying Mikayla. The first princes were Arwin which is a spin-off of Suite Life Series and the second is a princess that she’s filming together with it was Stevie Sanchez a spin-off of Lizzie McGuire. Selena did these 3 roles alternately. This is so hard to accomplish but this further honed her to be extremely flexible and become a very good actress who can switch roles and emotions effortlessly.

As a singer, Selena Gomez is one honest artist in telling the public who she idolizes and if who influenced her styles and albums. As a newcomer to the music industry, she’s so vocal that her music influenced by singers like Bruno Mars because she likes how Bruno carries himself. Beyoncé, Britney Spears, Cristina Aguilera, and Rihanna were also cited as her music influencers. But the one that made so much significance on her music was Cheryl Cole because of her unmatching class.

Her two first released albums are influenced by Britney Spears and Taylor Swift for the first album Stars Dance, and Christina Aguilera and Janet Jackson for her second album Revival.

What Makes Selena Gomez’s Instagram Worth Following?

If you are into young women’s empowerment, and women empowerment as a whole you are going to enjoy Instagramming whenever you see Selena Gomez Instagram Story. It’s filled with women empowerment quotes and some other things that she’s doing to empower women.

Selena Gomez story is very inspiring and if how she took herself to the top of her career as a known celebrity singer and actress. She worked so hard for everything that she has right now. Her success that she shows on Instagram is an inspiration for every girl dreamer as she started young also. That is the reason why she keeps on motivating and being an inspiration to her young woman followers.

Overall notes

A known survivor young woman, Selena Gomez never fails to push the limiting boundaries of survival for her life and being a celebrity. She shocked the world last 2017, especially her fans when she declared on Instagram that she has lupus and had to undergo several extreme medical procedures to survive. BUT, she survived and just got stronger with her womanly advocacies.

Selena Gomez Instagram is unlike other Hollywood celebs, she loves posting raw photos of her in real life. She enjoys showing her true self with very little limitation. That’s the reason why she got 165 million Instagram followers. And this following is as strong as her.


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