Services Agreement - IG Only Growth & Engagement

1. Services. Contractor shall provide the following services to Client:

(a) Social Media Services. Contractor shall provide Client the following social media growth

and engagement services (collectively, the “Social Media Services”):

● 4,000-7,000 followers per month

● 250-700 Niche Followers a month

● Custom Q & A Comments from Real Accounts

● Help with Reels strategy

● Daily outreach to targeted accounts

● Compose email & phone

● Reach out to IG account for Collaborator

● 3-6 Stories a day strategy

● Optimized hashtags for account

● Premium Engagement groups

● Weekly Call With Tanner

Payment of Fees. In consideration of the Services and the rights granted to Client, Client shall compensate Contractor as follows:

● Social Media Services Fees. In consideration of the Social Media Services, Client shall pay

Contractor a monthly fee of $3,750. USD per month